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WhatsApp Ads Confirmed For 2020!

WhatsApp Ads Confirmed For 2020!

WhatsApp Ads Confirmed For 2020 (2)

Everyone, especially the ones in our marketing department had predicted this move to be made sooner or later. And yes, today seems the day when all the predictions they made when Facebook took over WhatsApp back on February 19, 2014, come true.

This dream saw the light of the day yesterday and moved a step towards reality when Facebook confirmed that WhatsApp ads will be seen as a part of its statuses (Almost same as Instagram stories) in 2020.

This announcement made the annual Facebook Marketing Summit which was held in the Netherlands this week a bit more interesting. Several photographs were later released by Oliver Ponteville of Be Connect Digital marketing on Twitter.


                                                                            Image credits: Oliver Ponteville

These images were displaying what the ads might look like on the WhatsApp app. With this, WhatsApp also is going to renovate its other features. Making WhatsApp for business to be available with richer messaging format options. With this, the WhatsApp product catalog is also to be integrated with Facebook Business manager catalog as tweeted by Matt Navarra.


Image Credits: Matt Navarra

So, the WhatsApp Ad so to be displayed will appear or rather cover up the entire screen. Similar to the way(Refer image above or below), the now existing WhatsApp status appears. The only change is, Instead of the name of the contact appearing on the top of the screen the name of the business or company would be shown.

For detailed information, one would require to swipe. This would enable you to know more about the product or service which is advertised.

  whatsapp-ads     Image Source: Matt Navarra / Olivier Ponteville

 WhatsApp had dropped hints about the release of WhatsApp ads a month ago. Matt Navarra has also tweeted the same a month ago


With WhatsApp throwing their hat into the online Ads field the good days for Digital Marketing are going to get even better. Are these Ads going to help businesses grow? Are they going to be as effective or perhaps even more productive than other online advertisements? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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