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What Next After Employing A Digital Marketing Agency?

What Next After Employing A Digital Marketing Agency?

What Next After Employing A Digital Marketing Agency?

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So you learned why you need Digital Marketing services and have decided to employ a 360° Web and Digital Marketing partner to meet your digital marketing expectations. So what next? Wait and watch? Let the Digital Marketing agency do their thing?

Well yes it is a ‘wait n watch’ type of a game but there are certain things you should expect after enrolling online marketing into your business:

1) More Relevant Website Traffic

Your website is the actual representation of your business online. Your values your ideas and your product or service quality are all reflected through your website to the visitors. So Digital Marketing if done right can ensure steady traffic growth on your website and if not then there might be a flaw in the strategy used. There are two types of campaigns carried out to bring in the traffic

  1. Organic
  2. Inorganic

Organic traffic is the traffic completely driven by search results. If you are getting the traffic organically it means that your website is getting the interest of users entirely on its own. Inorganic campaigns are paid ones. Many search engines totally prefer organic search results over inorganic ones for ranking.

Paid searches are more effective especially when a customer knows exactly what they want and are ready to buy, but till then they prefer searching for it offline. But the traffic which comes directly is an indication that the visitors are familiar with your brand. So you basically would want to attract the crowd that doesn’t know you better so that you can add new customers.

2) Higher Rates Of Conversion

Attracting people to your website is a lead generation process which is only the half work done. Converting these leads to customers is the most important step to be taken. But some companies spend so much time and money on just the attracting part that it defeats the main purpose of attraction which is conversion.

According to Econsultancy the ratio of the amount spent in acquiring a lead and converting them is 92:1. Digital marketing has brought about addons like Chatbots which has changed the way conversions are done in today’s date. Earlier conversion used to be all about filling a form on the website and then the support team would call you up and confirm a date to do the meetings or perhaps even send you an email to confirm your interest. This was a time-consuming process and used to lead to customer losing interest in the meantime. So if the process is done in the realtime it would have ensured that the customer’s interest level was maintained at an optimum level and ultimately lead to him/her becoming a loyal customer. There are other ways to attract the audiences as well, such as:

1. Optimizing the conversions is still the most important part of digital marketing. Educating audiences who need an idea of how your products and services or perhaps even introducing the audience of some topic which has not been brought to attention by your competitors will grab a lot of attention. Addition of such content will always prove useful.

2. Use proper keywords to grab the attention of people as it not only defines your business but also gives a solution to the problems of the people.

3. Develope CTA buttons so that the user is directed to a page he wants to be without any hesitation.

4. Be very updated and careful of the content you are giving to your clients when the fill an inquiry form so people can make up their mind in quick succession based on the information obtained.

3) More Qualified Leads

If you are getting high traffic it is obvious that you are going to get more leads. But is there any way to know that it is a qualified lead? Keeping a track of leads and jotting down the lead score can help you determine how likely is the person going to buy your product or avail your services. It also lets you know how often they are visiting your website and which pages they like browsing the most.

Complete digital marketing services come here in the picture. If you are generating relevant resources to the right people and help them find these resources through relevant SEO and other Digital Marketing services you should automatically see an increase in qualified leads.

This is an important result to monitor especially in the first few stages of Digital marketing cycle which is for a few months. So if your digital marketing is going well then you must expect more quality leads for sure. Expecting Quality Leads is one of the major aspects of Digital Marketing and one should see the results in time.

4) Better Customer Retention

Q) What is easier and pocket-friendly than attracting a new customer?

The answer is retaining an old customer. To acquire a new customer a marketing campaign has to be run and trust us, it costs a lot and it also does not help in regaining the old customer.

It is 6 Times More Expensive to Win a New Customer than to Retain an Existing One according to a study. It becomes relatively easier to sell the products to a known customer who knows exactly how your products or services are. Having a loyal customer base is very important yet many big companies make the grave mistake of taking them for granted in the race of acquiring a new possible one.

Digital marketing is not just about generating new leads all the time but it is about strengthening the relationship with their old and existing customers as well.
So How do you do it?. Well, Email and SMS marketing the two generally accepted means of getting the attention of old clients and reminding them that we haven’t forgotten them and would like to have them back at our store to purchase something again. Let them feel privileged by sending them custom made emails and messages about anything new you have launched or perhaps treat them with a special offer. Let them be the first people to know before anyone. Give your loyal customers something to remember.

This result is tracked easily and measured without any efforts. So a client must experience a greater customer retention rate than before if he does the Digital Marketing tricks in the right way as explained.

5) Low CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost)

CAC or the customer acquisition cost is the total cost spent on acquiring customers over a period of time divided by the money that was spent during that tenure. Digital marketing, when compared to other marketing methods, is the only method that can help you reduce the CAC by a huge margin ensuring profits and productivity. The one major benefit of digital marketing is that you can actually measure how much money you are spending and the number of customers that are incoming through your campaigns.  

A few ways of reducing the CPC are:

1. Use of social media channels to boost your ads via paid promotions

2. Actively managing PPC campaigns, this helps to keep in check the cost of conversion.

3. Create great content to educate to compel the audience to use your service and products.

So, if Business has employed the online marketing services then they should experience a low CAC than the previous methods they had used in getting a customer onboard.


Digital marketing is a slow yet yielding process. It takes time to implement one and it sure does take time to start showing results (Approximately 4 to 6 months). But the whole process is measurable and has a few measurable and expected results. If you want to see the perfect results within a strict timeline then Enlyft Digital Solutions are the best and the leading Digital Marketing agency in Pune. Get Digital Marketing solutions at an affordable cost with our custom made solutions. Enlyft Digital Solutions not only provide Online Marketing solutions but it also provides the best web development solutions and web design solutions too. 

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