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Website Architecture

What Is Website Architecture

Website Architecture is basically how the website is organized and how the main page is linked to its subpages. Big or small, a website has many pages and even more subpages which need to be found by the search engine crawlers. This is the reason that the home page of a website needs to have links to the important pages and subpages. For this purpose sitemap.xml and robots.txt help the crawlers in doing their jobs.


Why Does It Matter?

Website architecture is the most overlooked factor when it comes to SEO techniques. But it is one of the most crucial factors responsible for good website ranking. So in order to gain good rankings and be a refreshing website both to the eyes and user experience Website Architecture optimization is a must.


How We Help

Whether you want a new website for your business or perhaps you are trying to, We at Enlyft Digital Solutions shall make sure that no stone is left unturned and your website gets the support it needs form the best Digital marketing partners.

Our Services Focus Mainly On Three Areas

  1. URL and Domain structure:  Our experts at Enlyft Digital Solution will make sure that your URLs are friendly with all available search engines and also we will make sure that there are no more duplicate URLs being created by the Content Management Systems.
  2. Navigation boost: We will make sure your website navigation is optimized to help both search engine bots and your website visitors Cruze across your website without any hesitation.

 3. Web page structure: This has to do everything with your website without being noticed by visitors like content, coding issues and a lot more. At Enlyft Digital Solutions, we do it all.