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Site Audit

What Is Website Audit?

It is a report made after an analysis of the state in which your website is and the overall health of the website based on the observations. The main agenda behind website analysis is to identify the problems and to deliver a proper solution to the problems found for its betterment.

Why Is It Needed?

In today’s date, the only way to surpass your competitors is to have a fully functional and digitally enhanced optimized website which gives users the best experience on all top devices and internet browsers. Our dedicated experts at Enlyft Digital Solutions with their technical experience can remove all the errors which are hampering your marketing efforts.

How Will It Help My Website?

The smallest issue can cause problems in website ranking and loading speed, because of which visitors to your website either quit halfway or do not visit your website at all. The website reflects what your business is actually about, so doing an analysis of your website will reveal all the problems which are hampering your website and the business too. In short website, the website analysis will help you determine and rectify your website related problems.

What Enlyft Can Do For Me?

We are the best full website audit service providers in Pune, India and we specialize in detecting and correcting the common and uncommon problems with your website through our expert examining methods.

How We Do It?


We assign a team of specialists for a comprehensive analysis of your website. Each and every point is covered during this professional website checkup and the problems are determined.


A detailed report is made and shared with the website owner as well where we mention key issues which need attention and how we are going to resolve the problem.


Our team then starts resolving the problems one by one with the utmost care and discipline to make sure your website ranks high and the users do not face any problems in the future.