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Bringing back past website visitors and convert them with remarketing ad campaigns expertly managed by Enlyft Digital Solutions Private Limited.


What is Remarketing? And how does it work

Remarketing is the process of targeting the audiences who have already been eying your websites or a particular product or service with interest. So, Basically, it offers means of re-engaging with the visitors who might have been browsing through the web pages on your website but did not proceed further with a conversion.

A simple Remarketing program is enough to help you track certain pages on your own website. This allows you to keep a track of the possible leads who spent time on your website but did not get converted to a customer.

Let’s take a simple example: Have you ever been on an e-commerce website for shopping and left the required item in the cart without purchasing. So what these brands do is they keep a track of you and keep on reminding you that you have an incomplete purchase.

So, once you have finished with the identification of the audience you can display to them your highly personalized and specialized advertisements that will remind them of the product or service they were looking at. What this does is that it increases their relevancy and compel them to buy your product or perhaps avail your services.

The Best Remarketing Services at Enlyft Digital Solutions

  1. Increase leads and sales by targeting audience using Remarketing

  2. Show the right ads to the right user

  3. Target users based on their interests and keywords

  4. Extend reach by implementing Remarketing across social media platform

How We Do It

  1. We get access to your website with your help: This is a necessary step as it allows us to understand which visitors are actually interested in your website and services.

  2. We track the visitors who had been to your website and left empty-handed: Remarketing is bringing back the customers who have left due to any reason, be it loss of interest or due to some other problems. So we track back the visitors and make sure we follow up in the right way.

  3. We create a relevant Ad to display when the visitor comes back online : We make sure your visitor gets the most relevant ads which will compel them to come back and buy your products and services.

  4. Our Ad generates the interest of the visitor once again: We make sure that visitors would come back to your website by generating interest through our ads.

  5. Your potential customer is now a satisfied customer: Our satisfaction lies in our clients satisfaction which is only possible if the potential customer is back to your website and has now become a verified customer.