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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) For Your Business

PPC or pay per click services is the shortest and the most relevant way to reach your targeted audience and bring them to your website so that they can view your product and services. As the name suggests these are paid advertisements and we can help you purchase them on the search engines you need to post your advertisement on. Our PPC campaigns will be focused on helping you gain more benefits. Whether you need more leads or perhaps even if you need increased traffic on your website we can help you do both with our expertise. PPC is one of the most important aspects of our Digital Marketing services offered by us. Our Pay per click department is the most experienced one, boasting over 30 years of experience helping businesses achieve their motives with utmost dedication and that too at a competitive cost.  

At Enlyft digital solutions we believe in educating our clients at first by letting them know how PPC can actually help them to grow their business and only after that we design a pay per click campaign according to the client’s budget and requirement. Our dedicated PPC experts will make sure that your website does not get the traffic it needs but it C will get the traffic it deserves. Your website reflects the ideology of your business and one thing our experience has taught us is that a predefined landing page is necessary for PPcampaigns to actually work. Our team would go through your website before starting PPC campaign and ensure that a relevant landing page is created for the visitors to see.


How We Do It?

1) Gathering information 

This is generally where we share information. We ask your business needs and budget according to which we plan the campaign and also provide you the knowledge exactly how PPC works.

2) Analysis of Goals

All the goals are jot down here keeping in mind the timeline and the budget. 

3) Analysis of you competitors

A detailed analysis of your competitor is done by our experts to add more value to any of our own strategies.

4) Keyword Strategy

Which keywords can get your advertise maximum exposure and a lot more is done in this step.

5) going live 

After all the steps it is now the time to go live! See the ad for yourself and get real-time analysis of how well it is performing.