How can our Snapchat Advertising Services Help You?

About 6 billion videos are posted every day to Snapchat from its user base of 100 million. The platform has now 190 million daily active users worldwide. This has made Snapchat a lucrative advertising platform for advertisers to use this rapidly growing social media network. We at ENLYFT care, to help your business with the most amazing features of Snapchat.  Our Snapchat advertising services can help your business to reach a massive influential audience. With the feature called Snap Pixel, you can track customer behaviours. If you want to build brand awareness, adding fresh content is the key to your success. Snapchat offers an interactive way to process the marketing strategies.

Snapchat Awareness Ads

Snapchat awareness campaigns work through features like web view, app installs, sponsored geofilters, long-form video, sponsored lenses. Depending on your goal you are allowed to create and launch campaigns in Ads Manager.

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Snapchat Conversion Ads

Snapchat ads to be high on conversions needs to have three goals namely catering audiences within the age bracket of 20-29 years, incorporating app features with demographic to improve engagement.

Snapchat Consideration Ads

For Snapchat consideration, every business needs to focus on three types of snapchat ads namely snapchat sponsored geofilters, snapchat sponsored lenses, snap ads, etc. Some companies have seen great consideration of these ads for advertising.


Advantages of Snapchat Advertising

  • Sending a personalized in-the-moment video message to your clients can be a powerful effort. Snapchat’s amazing video chatting feature is by design one of the most casual and fastest ways to start a video chat and making investment cost-effective.
  • Snapchat’s role in influencer marketing cannot be ignored. It is a great place to get connected with influencers as well as celebrities. Partnering with influencers can help you with your own digital marketing. Also sending a snap is similar to sending an email to an inbox which people actually open.

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What does ion mean in Snapchat?

ION in Snapchat means In Other News. It is basically an abbreviation, acronym widely used as a slang term in chat or texting social media messaging app like Snapchat.

What did Snapchat come out?

Snapchat was released in the year 2012 on October 29 as an Android app. The developers associated with the app are Evan Spiegal, Bobby Murphy, Snap Inc.

How do you use Snapchat for Marketing?

Every business needs to focus on three types of snapchat ads namely snapchat sponsored geofilters, snapchat sponsored lenses, snap ads, etc.  Some companies have seen great consideration of these ads for advertising.

Does Snapchat have business accounts?

Yes, Snapchat has business accounts where you just need to set a snapchat password and can log in to your account and start ad campaigning accordingly.

How much does Snapchat charge for ads?

Snap Ads campaigns approximately start at $3,000/month in ad expenditure, cutting agency fees and creation costs. Snapchat Sponsored Lenses are marked for each day of the week. They cost around $450,000 per day from Sunday to Thursday, and are priced a bit higher for Fridays and Saturdays.

Are the ads on Snapchat Safe?

Snapchat technical support team has once quoted “In most of our ad products, curation plays a big role in creating a safe space for advertising. If you place Snap Ads in Publisher Stories or Our Stories, for example, your ads will appear in the context of Snaps curated by approved editors or by Team Snapchat.”

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