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LinkedIn isn’t for sharing videos or upload status. It is more on a professional side designed with a business-minded intention to help employers. It is the most appropriate place to get the latest news and trends of any given industry. LinkedIn Ads are powerful for companies in business to business or B2B, such as software, manufacturing, and more. We, as a LinkedIn marketing agency can help you strategize the digital platform for your products and services. This network is a great place for companies to advertise their products, services, special events, webinars, in front of a targeted audience. Our LinkedIn ads can get your products in front of people who are actually interested in.


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Linkedin Awareness Ads

Brand Awareness refers to the campaign generated process that allows customers to recall or recognise a brand. Brand Awareness is a key consideration depicting consumer behaviour, brand management, and strategic coordination. The Brand Awareness Campaign Manager feature of Linkedin offers marketers a funnel campaign option to increase their “share-of-voice” on the platform. The campaigns are charged by impressions.


Linkedin Consideration Ads

Consideration Campaigns of LinkedIn allows your target audience to interact and engage with your brand. The actions are based on clicks that take them to a landing page to find out more about your business. Consideration Ads main aim is to generate leads and make use of conversion technique to measure the real impact of your ads to optimise the overall performance.

Linkedin Conversion Ads

You can make a true impact of Linkedin ads through conversion tracking tool. The Linkedin Insight Tag is a piece of Javascript code that can make conversion tracking work. Conversion is basically actions that are the most valuable options to your business like submitting leads, making purchases, downloading content, etc. Conversion lets businesses to track and show how many people took actions after viewing your Linkedin Ads.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Advertise on LinkedIn?

To advertise on LinkedIn, your company needs to have a LinkedIn company page for publishing content. Once the page is created, you can choose formats like sponsored ads, remarketing, text ads, display ads as per your business goals.

2. Is advertising on LinkedIn effective?

Looking at the stats like click-through rate, or CTR, LinkedIn is by far the best and most effective advertising platform. It allows marketers to target their ads precisely, test multiple versions, and monitor future performances.

3. How much does it cost to promote a post on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn Advertising cost may vary according to the budget set by the companies. On an average, businesses can pay $5.26 per click and $ 6.49 per 1000 impressions.

4. Can you promote a post on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can promote a post on LinkedIn. To promote a LinkedIn post, you can promote it by clicking sponsor now button above the update in your page feed. You need a page administrator to post and sponsor updates.

5. What is Good CTR for LinkedIn posts?

The average click-through rate on Adwords paid search is about 2 %. We can expect a better performance from sponsored updates with a 3 % CTR. The Campaign Manager on LinkedIn allows to keep track of each individual ads and also for the campaign as a whole.

6. Is Linkedin business page free?

Yes, anyone with a company email address and a company name can create a LinkedIn Company Page which is completely free and easy to operate. They essentially serve as an extension to your company website and you can post job openings, links to company blog posts, and create showcase pages.

Not Sure How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Business!

As a platform, designed specifically to connect on a professional front, creating ads for a business owner couldn’t be simpler here. Fill out the form and let us take your business to heights!

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