How can Hotstar Advertising Help You?

People in India are familiar with the hotstar app. The app developed by STAR  network is promoted by NOVI Digital entertainment Pvt Ltd(a subsidiary of STAR). Owing to massive advertising and media push, Hotstar has now experienced good growth. It has now become a target place for marketers. If we go by the statistics the HOTSTAR app has reached 24 million downloads(including iOS and android). Also, it has the plan of reaching 30 million downloads by March next year. The USP of Hotstar lies in the exclusive and original digital content. The monthly unique visitors of hotstar is close to 15 to 20 million. No other streaming app has such engagements. Our Hotstar marketing services can help you capitalise on this for revenue generation.

Types of Hotstar Ads

1. Display Ads

Get the best display ads for Hotstar advertising.

2. Video Ads

Explore the wonder of videos like never before.

Hotstar Display Ads

  • Hotstar ads are quite popular because of full-stack ad formats driving brand awareness and performance. Hotstar display ads consist of Billboard and a native image. The Billboard ad is used when you want to have a quick reach for your brand and drive traffic to your website/app. Native images of the display ads are used when you want to drive an install campaign for your app.

Hotstar Video Ads

  • Hotstar video ads are categorised into the bumper, mid-rolls, carousel, and lead gen. The bumper is the one which is used to increase awareness and deliver quickly actionable messages.
  • Mid Rolls are used to increase awareness through an engaging story. Carousel takes place when you want to make your mid-roll ad interactive and lead gen is used when you want to generate leads through your mid-roll ads.

Advantages of Hotstar Advertising

  • Hotstar is one popular app that spans 35,000 hours of digital content in 7 languages consisting of a host of TV shows, host of movies, live sports etc. Viewers can download the app that is available across all the platforms including Android and iOS.
  • It is an ambitious digital platform for users to consume premium content across different genres and languages.
  • Primarily the younger generation within the age bracket of 25 and above are on the hotstar app enabling marketers to bank upon these age brackets.
  • The revenue from the digital space is around INR 4000 cr in India which is great news for the marketers.

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How many devices can stream on Hotstar?

You can sign in into multiple devices with one Hotstar account. However there is a restriction for watching content region wise. In India, you can watch free content in any number of devices but can watch only one premium content at a time. In Canada and the USA, you can watch any content in maximum two devices.

What is the difference between Hotstar VIP & Hotstar Premium?

Hotstar VIP is aimed at providing Star Network serials before television at 6 AM. It also includes live streaming of drama series like Netflix whereas Hotstar Premium has exclusive membership of all-inclusive pack for live sports at a monthly subscription pack.

What to Advertise on the Newest Ad Platform, Hotstar?

It’s not just a TV. It’s also a smarter way to showcase ads to nationwide audience watching their daily binge of entertainment.

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