Components of an Optimized Landing Page

Post clicking linking pages are now commonly used in digital marketing as they tend to establish a great first impression. The first impression stage holds true when post-click landing pages are well optimised. There are several components of a landing page. Some of them are the compelling headline, relevancy, clarity, unique value proposition and a persuasive copy. An effective landing page template is highly essential to hold on to your business. We, as the affordable digital marketing agency can help you with landing page marketing.  Our services are focused on creating scannable content for the users.  Page load speed is very crucial for user retention and conversion. Our services can help to quickly load pieces of stuff and lead to higher conversion rates.

Fully Responsive

Get access to a responsive website that offers optimized browsing experience.

Device Testing

Redesign the website so that it works properly on all devices.

Great User Experience

Create positive experiences that keep users loyal to the brand.

Trust Indicators

Get fully secured websites to avoid phishing of personal data.


A quick and strong call-to-action for users to take the next step.

Fully Responsive

If you are the owner of a website, then the term fully responsive is quite familiar for you. Or else if you are new, a fully responsive website is the one that changes in response to the type of device the visitor is using. Responsive websites, in a nutshell, means the website is programmed to know what your audience will be using to view your site. A fully responsive website can help you streamline your work processes. Your analytics and content management becomes easier and convenient to manage. They allow your website to adapt to various screen resolutions and allow web visitors to get the best possible view of your business.

Responsive web design on different devices
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Device Testing

Gone are the days when an 800×600 monitor was used by people worldwide to access websites. Nowadays 1024×768 is the most popular screen resolution used. Apart from that, there are smartphones and tablets everywhere. Most of your users will view your website through a smartphone. Therefore your website must be fully responsive. It is essential to test your website across several devices to check device resolutions. Several organisations are now opting for the mobile-first approach, after the introduction of “Mobile-First Indexing.”  They are redesigning their internal websites so that the new site work properly on all mobile devices.

Great User Experience

User Experience is basically how a person feels when he or she interfaces with a system.  The process may include a web application, website, desktop software or any form of device/human interaction. A good user experience tries to fulfill user needs. It aims to foster a positive experience that will keep users loyal to the product or brand. User Interface Design is very critical for both product and work put together. User experience is the buzzword that helps to set the mood of your website. It goes behind the scenes and can add visual elements to your strategic design.  The ultimate goal is to create an experience that is valuable and enjoyable to drive conversions and repeat visitors.

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Trust Indicators

With the e-commerce business online and a new website coming up every other day, people have become wary of online sites and are cautious with whom they interact. Trust indicators/signals play an important role in the user’s decision to do business with you. Your website can create the first impression and send out trust signals whether the users are comfortable with the site. Different types of trust indicators in a website include contact information, social profiles, reviews, trust badges, policies, etc. In today’s world of phishing and leak of personal data, it is important to maintain the trust of your users to generate leads.

Strong Call-To-Action

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a prompt action on a website that tells the user to take a specified action. It is an action written as a command such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ and generally takes the form of a hyperlink or a button. CTA is a key element on a webpage that lets the user or guide them on what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may know the next steps to take or purchase your products. It is the cornerstone of your effective marketing program. Some of the common types of CTA’s are leads, forms, service, or product discovery, sharing, event promoter, sale closer, etc.


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What is the main purpose of the Landing Page?

The main purpose of the landing page is to convert web visitors into leads. A landing page is different from other pages as it has a form to capture visitors information in exchange for the desired offer.

What is the difference between Landing Page & Home Page?

The landing page is a page, where a user lands directly from any of the external sources such as search engine result pages, social media channels,  or any other websites etc. It can be any of the pages from the entire website. Some users also design stand-alone Landing Page for their ad campaign to increase the quality score and high conversion rate. whereas a home page is the main page of the website that must have CTA that motivates your viewers to convert.

What should be included on a Landing Page?

Elements that must be included on a landing page include a catchy headline, a brief description of the services offered, at least one supporting short video etc.

What are the Benefits of a Landing Page?

Top Benefits of a landing page are it directly support your business goals, increase conversions, generate data and insights, increase credibility, improve brand awareness, etc.

What is Landing Page Optimization in SEO?

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is the approach of improving elements on a website to accelerate conversions. It is a subset of conversion rate optimization that involves using methods such as A/B testing to improve conversion goals.

Do Landing Pages Work?

Yes, a good and well-optimised landing page can do wonders to your business. The term landing page can be applied to any web page on your site. Such pages can make your online advertising work by creating targeted experiences for your visitors.

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