What is A E-Commerce Website?

eCommerce websites are popular online platforms that initiate online transactions of goods and services based on means of the transfer of funds and information over the Internet. In the early days, e-Commerce was done through phone calls and emails. Now, with a single site, everything and anything that a transaction needs, can be executed digitally.

There are different e-Commerce websites for every business. The most common type remains retail selling, but there are many others too, such as auction websites, business-to-business services, music portals, consultancy websites, finance management websites, etc. Such websites can be developed by dedicated developers.

E-Commerce Website Components

Awesome Web Design

Create Awesome web design for potential leads.

Catalog Production

Create the best catalog to drive traffic.

Online Shop Set-up

Make use of digital strategies to set up shop online.

Online Payment Gateway

Lay your hands over secure payment gateway

Branding & Identity

Create Brand Recognition Through e-commerce websites.

Digital Advertising

Make use of paid ads to generate leads.

Awesome Web Design

There are a lot of components that can bring you success online. Before consumers can view your website, they need to find it first. For this to happen there are a number of tools, such as  SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns, etc. Getting an online shopper to your website alone is an achievement in itself. But once they have arrived, the real challenge actually begins.

Your goal is to make the approach of making an online purchase and transaction as easy as possible for the consumer. Website design plays a crucial role in making this happen. Everything from the site’s user experience to the strength of your ad copy, to the theme of your website, plays a definitive role in guiding online shoppers through the sales funnel and making a conversion.

Landing page template of Website Design Illustration Concept. Isometric flat design concept of web page design for website and mobile website.Vector illustration
Inbound marketing tools in digital media business

Catalog Production

Building, maintaining and implementing an online product catalogue can be an overwhelming task in a multi-channel eCommerce marketplace. Adding to that, product diversity, different platforms and languages further increase the challenges making it difficult to optimize catalogue management.

In a nutshell, it is a strategic approach of managing, building and updating product databases across different channels to ensure accurate and comprehensive product information.

Catalogue management helps in integrating a whole range of information such as product classification, attributes and categorization along with manufacturing, warranty and policy details. A well-organized catalogue makes it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for and also offers information that helps them make buying decisions.

Online Shop Set-up

Many eCommerce websites provide shoppers to peruse products and make buying decisions at any time of day or night. This makes shopping a fulfilling experience for customers, and that kind of accessibility has a huge competitive advantage. Plus, integration with social media platforms give businesses the opportunity to take advantage of even more channels to engage with potential customers.

A physical store is always limited to selling to customers who are in that particular area. Many of the eCommerce websites extend businesses to people all over the country or around the world, expanding its customer base and potential revenue.

Landing page template for online shopping

Online Payment Gateway

Payment gateway in e-commerce service refers to that process that verifies and accept the online transaction or decline direct payments or credit card processing on behalf of merchants using secure internet connections. It is used to fulfil the important roles in the e-commerce transaction regime between the merchant and the customer.

It facilitates online transactions and gets approved by the issuer bank.

A payment gateway has significance in e-commerce as it helps to transfer the information regarding a transaction between the payment portal and the front-end processor or bank.

It has encryption and verification technology since online shopping will involve distance and anonymity. It is used to ensure the legitimate transactions are securely transmitted to the processor.

Branding & Identity

With e-commerce being such a competitive platform, you need to have a recognizable brand message that is communicated to your customers in the blink of an eye.  A clear and crisp marketing message that hits them between the eyes, builds excitement and desire and helps your brand to convey exactly what kind of business you are dealing in.

This goes far beyond just using a simple logo and tagline. It needs to have every single touch you have with your marketplace. Make sure that your message is relevant and consistent across the board and you shall be able to boost conversions overnight.

Brand identity concept vector illustration
Digital marketing design concept with computer, hand speaker and smartphone. Isometric vector illustration. Landing page template for web.

Digital Advertising

The buzzword for success in digital advertising is called multi-channel.  With digital advertising, every piece of content can be shared across different platforms, which means that you are no longer restricted to one page, 30 seconds, or whichever format your traditional ad was created for.

Digital and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand. Digital advertising allows you to reach your target audience on one go, wherever they are, whenever they are online. It is a  great place to reach Millennial customers and ask for engagement online.

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How to do seo of ecommerce website?

The best e-commerce SEO strategy includes:

Proper keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching for,  Site architecture based on keyword research,

On-Page SEO based on strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content along with Technical SEO to help search engines so that they can crawl your site efficiently.

What are the types of E-Commerce?

E-commerce comes in six basic types which are namely Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C),Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C),Consumer-to-Business (C2B),Business-to-Administration (B2A), Consumer-to-Administration (C2A),Business-to-Business (B2B) etc.

What are the important Features of an ecommerce website?

The Most common Ecommerce features include Content management capabilities, Promotion and discount code tools, An easy-to-use checkout, Search engine optimized code and layout, Reporting tools, An integrated blog or articles section, Email marketing integration etc.

What is the best Ecommerce development company for an online store?

You can trust Enlyft Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd as your e-commerce development partner for quality service within an assured time frame. We pay attention to every minute requirements to help you with your online store set up

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