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Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

What Is Mobile SEO

It is the process of optimization of a website to provide a solution for queries posted on search engines by individuals from a mobile device, It is basically a type of useful SEO technique that enables a website to rank higher on mobile devices.

Why Do You Need Mobile SEO

Web algorithms are different for a desktop and a mobile device and so are their ranking methods. There is a huge population accessing the internet through mobile devices throughout the world. Hence there is a high chance of getting a lot of traffic onto your website through mobile SEO especially if you are having a mobile-friendly website.

How Do We Help

We are the best SEO service providers in Pune, India, be it for a desktop website or for a mobile website, we do it all. Mobile users prefer a smooth and free-flowing website and we intend to keep your website so by making sure your site functions as well as looks great at the same time to give your visitors a satisfying experience browsing your mobile website. The images and keywords are the two important things that determine both the speed and ranking of your mobile website. We will make sure the images posted on the web are optimized carefully along with the keywords in the contents so that your website ranks higher than your competitor on mobile devices. With all these, there is a little bit of change in algorithm also that we need to make in order to get to know exactly what search engines are looking for.

So Our Mobile SEO Experts Will Help You With:

  1. Drive more traffic to your website by improving your mobile website.
  2. Enhancing user experience on mobile devices
  3. Providing mobile-oriented techniques like click to contact and other services that will help you to get in touch with visitors on mobile phone easily.
  4. Improving ROI (Rate Of Interest).

How Do We Do It?

1. Analysis

We first analyze your mobile website with our proven methods and determine the areas which need improvement. We go through the web content, determine the page load speed, image size and a lot more.

2. Sitemap

We prepare a map as in how we are going to proceed in improving your mobile website situation.

3. Testing And Delivery

We make sure at this step that the mobile website is SEO friendly and is quick to load providing the visitors a wonderful experience.