Which Company is the Owner of Twitch? Twitch is a Spinoff of What Website?


Twitch is a renowned video live streaming service that is operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Introduced as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, Justin.tv in June 2011, the site fundamentally focuses on video game live streaming.

In addition to music broadcasts, creative content can be viewed either via video on demand or live. Back in February 2014, the platform was considered as the fourth-largest source of web traffic in the United States.

In the same year, Justin.tv’s parent company was branded as Twitch Interactive to represent the focus of shift in the business line.

Justin.tv was shut down by the end of August 2014 and during that month only, the service was acquired by Amazon for US$970 million.

By 2015, Twitch had more than 1.5 million broadcasters with 100 million viewers per month. As of 2017, Twitch remained one of the leading live streaming video services for video games in the US and had quite an edge over Youtube Gaming.

The most recent data of May 2018, stated that Twitch had 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users.

Content and Audience of Twitch

Twitch is a platform that is specifically designed to include content such as eSports tournaments, personal streams of individual players and other game-related talk shows.

The homepage of Twitch currently have games based on viewership. The typical viewer is male within the age bracket of 18 to 34 years.

However, the site has also been experimenting with other demographics, including women. As of June 2018, the most popular games streamed on Twitch are PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Hearthstone, Global Offensive, etc with a total of over 356 million hours watched.

Streamer Ninja is one of the top personalities streaming on Twitch. In October 2015, Twitched launched a non-gaming category “Creative” which is intended for showcasing the creation of artistic and creative works.

Which Big Company is the Owner of Twitch?

The CEO and Co-founder of the Twitch Company have sold the company to Amazon in 2014 for about $970 million in cash. While selling the company the CEO stated that it was quite a frightening experience to sell such a big company to Amazon. Twitch is a live video streaming company founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2011.

Twitch Rebranding for the First Time

Recently, the streaming giant has revealed a new brand that promotes its most vital resource. With a bold move, the platform is going to build a new brand system with several logos that live on an identity spectrum.

With the assistance of popular branding firm Collins, Twitch has redrawn and optimized its logo at the pixel level, giving it a dose of streamlining and filling the letters with white.

On the Twitch landing page, each streamer can now have their own logos and sponsorships that are independent of the Twitch umbrella.

Ultimately, there is the stage of Twitch logo that will include a three-tone animated rainbow gradient, symbolizing Twitch. Aside from the logos, there is a lot more to the updated Twitch brand.

The company has adopted a sans serif which is a modern and clean feeling genre of typeface, extremely popular in the tech industry.

Reasons to Not Ignore Marketing on Twitch

You might wonder why to market on a gaming site?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that anything that is popular is a good medium to market on. The gaming community is a diverse one. Many people are attracted to watch live gameplay as they enjoy certain tv shows.

Because the audience is so diverse on Twitch, many brands are starting to realize its potential. Below are some reasons why you should consider building a Twitch marketing strategy.

#1. Millenial Engagement

Millennials are the most preferred target audience of many brands nowadays. This is because most of them are influencing market decisions. The gaming site has many active monthly visitors that makes it a great space to form a marketing perspective. Even though three-quarters of Twitch viewers are male, still more than 830,000 females watch it on a daily basis.

#2. Private Contracts with Streamers

Why would any businesses advertise during a live stream of gameplay? The same reason why companies used to invest money at YouTubers, Twitter users and Facebook personalities. This technique is widely known as influencer marketing. Using the right social personality having the potential can make a big impact on sales and leads.

#3. Capturing Global Market

On average, there are about 622,000 viewers on Twitch. At any point in time, you can reach a large number of audience from all over with a single ad if you find a good influencer to your support. Although Twitch doesn’t have the massive appeal of systems like YouTube, the average users still spend just over half an hour watching content per day from across the globe.

#4. Flexible Branding Options

It’s not difficult to invest money into the ad pre-roll for Twitch to basically market your brand. However, the system is flexible where you can be more creative and engaging with the audience.

For example, the gaming headset manufacturer called Turtle Beach gives free hardware to streamers as long as the brand is mentioned. This is because it gives the audience an opportunity to see the merchandise in action. The same goes with myriad clothing companies who adorn broadcasters for a shout-out.

Everything said and done, Twitch can be the next big thing as far as the live streaming scenario is a concern. Now that it has shifted its gamer option to a non-gaming solution as well, we can be sure of something really fascinating to be happening in future.

Which Company is the Owner of Twitch? Twitch is a Spinoff of What Website?
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Which Company is the Owner of Twitch? Twitch is a Spinoff of What Website?
Twitch has recently shifted from its live video gaming to non-gaming creative platform. It has launched individual logos for popular live streamers.
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