What to expect from A Digital Marketing Agency?


So you learned why you need Digital Marketing services and after employing a 360° Web and Digital Marketing partner what to expect from them to meet your online marketing goals?

1) More Relevant Website Traffic

Your website is the actual representation of your business online. Your values your ideas and your product or service quality are all reflected through your website. 360° Digital Marketing agency ensures that they bring steady traffic growth on your website. There are two types of campaigns for bringing traffic to your website.

  1. Organic
  2. Inorganic

2) Higher Rates Of Conversion

Converting your traffic/leads to customers is the most important process. A digital marketing agency needs to have a good conversion rate from leads generated. This is a revenue generation process and it has to be taken very seriously.

3) More Qualified Leads

High traffic means more leads, but what are qualified leads? Keeping track of leads and jotting down the lead score can help you determine how likely is the person going to buy your product or avail of your services. It also lets you know how often they are visiting your website and which pages they like browsing the most.

4) Better Customer Retention

Q) What is easier and pocket-friendly than attracting a new customer?

The answer is retaining an old customer. To acquire a new customer a marketing campaign is costly. It is 6 Times More Expensive to Win a New Customer than to Retain an Existing One according to a study. It becomes relatively easier to sell the products to a known customer than the new ones.

Digital marketing is not just about generating new leads all the time but it is about strengthening the relationship with their old and existing customers as well and the result is tracked easily and measured without any efforts.

5) Low CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

CAC or the customer acquisition cost is the total cost spent on acquiring customers over a period of time divided by the money that was spent during that tenure. Digital marketing, when compared to other marketing methods, is the only method that can help you reduce the CAC by a huge margin ensuring profits and productivity. The one major benefit of digital marketing is that you can actually measure how much money you are spending and the number of customers that are incoming through your campaigns.  

A few ways of reducing the CPC are:

1. Use of social media channels to boost your ads via paid promotions

2. Actively managing PPC campaigns, this helps to keep in check the cost of conversion.

3. Create great content to educate to compel the audience to use your service and products.

So, if Business has employed the online marketing services then they should experience a low CAC than the previous methods they had used in getting a customer on board.


Digital marketing is a slow yet yielding process. It takes time to implement one and it sure does take time to start showing results (Approximately 4 to 6 months). But the whole process is measurable and has a few measurable and expected results. If you want to see the perfect results within a strict timeline then Enlyft Digital Solutions are the best and the leading Digital Marketing agency in Pune. Get Digital Marketing solutions at an affordable cost with our custom made solutions. Enlyft Digital Solutions not only provide Online Marketing solutions but it also provides the best web development solutions and web design solutions too. 

What to expect from  A Digital Marketing Agency?
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What to expect from A Digital Marketing Agency?
So you have employed a creative Digital Marketing agency and now don't know exactly what to expect? Learn what results to expect today.
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