What is GB WhatsApp? Is GB WhatsApp Banned? If Yes, then Why?


There is a recent boom in the market of downloading and using apps which are not on the app store yet are more productive than the ones who are already there. Gb Whatsapp is one of them and has definitely made Whatsapp run for their money (Thought it is free) with its additional features. So what exactly is GB WhatsApp?

Let’s Start With What Exactly It Is

It is unofficially one of the most trending Android apps which helps you install a dual WhatsApp application on your mobile device. What this means that a user can use two Whatsapp apps at the same time on a single mobile device. And wait here is the best part not only does it avoid any sort of disturbances with the official app but also it provides additional features hide the last seen, themes and plus it is reported that it does not crash.

Is GB WhatsApp Banned? Why Is GB WhatsApp Banned?

It was temporarily banned by the app store in order to curb its use as it was termed illegal. It was done so as it is exact replica plus added features of the original App. The app is developed by a third party making it unsafe and unreliable though no such reports have been witnessed yet regarding the same.

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WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp

The later one offers all the features of the real app and plus some more additional features which make it a more complete and an attractive app to visit and also to use. Following are the features which are brought about after comparing both of them.

Other Notable Extra Features of GB WhatsApp:

  1. Enables changing location
  2. remove second tick
  3. Can review old messages
  4. Can send more than 50 images at one go
  5. Send large video files
  6. Can text people without saving their number
  7. Broadcast message to 500+ people
  8. Totally updated with latest new official app versions
  9. Auto reply function
  10. New chat bubbles and ticks
  11. New features to Group Admins
  12. Schedule your WhatsApp messages
  13. Hide chats/statuses and stories
  14. You can disable the internet for Whatsapp only.
  15. New Emojis added
  16. Group names up to 35 characters are permissible
  17. More than 100 language supports
  18. Can change the application icon and notification icon
  19. Shows online and last seen on the home.

Is GB WhatsApp Legal?

It is not legal and is developed and maintained by the third party. WhatsApp original has issued a warning sort of to all the users of its competitor in order to make them aware of the fact that it’s illegal by blocking the users temporarily.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe Or Not?

The third-party app, to be honest, are never secure. Either they are fraudulent or have privacy breaches making users more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and private details being leaked. So far, It doesn’t have any such leaks and is secure for the time being.

Why People Are Downloading It More?

Obviously due to some of the mentioned features above GB WhatsApp has turned out to be totally different and full of surprises type of package. With attractive themes and features, it has stood out with over 5 lakh downloads from third party bases. It is also the most trending amongst all the modifications done till the date of the official App. It allows its users to create its own customized theme. This theme can be applied to the app and can also be shared with the developers if you are kind enough and want to spread the love some more.

It allows you to stay online forever or freeze you last seen and much more. It also has an inbuilt lock feature which can lock your Whatsapp when you minimize it. Even the icon of the app is customizable. This is proven useful in order to distinguish between the original and the third party app.


Being a third party App we would definitely ask you to not use it unless you would like to endanger your privacy or perhaps to enjoy the additional features.

What is GB WhatsApp? Is GB WhatsApp Banned? If Yes, then Why?
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What is GB WhatsApp? Is GB WhatsApp Banned? If Yes, then Why?
GB WhatsApp has been the latest talk of the town with many of its features exceeding expectations of the users of the original WhatsApp Users. But what exactly is it? is it banned? Is it ok to use? Let's get these questions answered today.
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