The Importance Of Digital Marketing Automation


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  1. What is Digital Marketing Automation
  2. Marketing Automation Stats
  3. Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation
    • Saves Time!
    • No Inadequacy
    • Better Revenue Opportunities
    • Reduces Costs
  1. What Can Be Automated?
  2. Conclusion

1. What Is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing Automation is the process of automating the recurring, time consuming and overcomplicated processes involved in online marketing in order to save time and money. What this does is, it helps you save ample of time which can be utilized for more productive work which requires your complete attention and is of top priority. This enables a business person to maximize his/her profit by doing many tasks at the same time through online marketing automation techniques. Sounds like automation is here to make your lives easy isn’t it? But there are some myths that surround this progressive step too like it would trigger unemployment, it creates complications, etc.

2. Marketing Automation Stats

Let’s dive in a little bit deep and take a look at some of the mind-blowing stats of marketing automation from some of the most trusted sources:

  1. Companies get up to or more than 10% increase in revenue in 6-9 months if they automate their lead management – Gartner Research
  2. A CRM related segment has seen the fastest growth in marketing automation in the past 5 years- Hubspot
  3. Top companies with excellent performance have been using online marketing automation- Pardot
  4. Companies see a massive 451% increase in qualified leads that nurture their prospects with the help of marketing automation- The annuitas Group
  5. A majority (More than 63%) of the companies who have successfully implemented Digital marketing automation have already made a plan to increase their budget in the same process.
  6. Using just Email software, the companies using marketing automation generate twice the number of leads- Autopilot

3. Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation:

3.1 Saves Time!

Saves Time

What more can make your business productive than saving time? Digital Marketing Automation has brought huge benefits to business owners straight to their doors. The automation tools & software are capable of automating many of marketing campaigns like PPC(Pay Per Click), Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. Automating the promotion of business activities can also be planned and executed in coming time leaving you more time in hand helping you spend a lot of time on bigger and more important plans

This helps your sales and marketing teams to prioritize their tasks accordingly, allowing them to have some time to even experiment and implement things later. So we get greater efficiency, Greater productivity, and Increased creativity all at the same time and all of this just by automating the marketing processes.

 3.2 No Inadequacy

No Inadequacy

Automation is a clearly defined step by step process which involves the minutest details to take care of in the first place itself. Moreover, the results so obtained after that are also instant and contain information that will help one organize one’s future marketing plans by taking wise & analytics-driven decisions. Manual lead nurturing techniques might even miss an opportunity to grab and educate a lead but by using the automation way there is hardly a chance to miss any such opportunity. With all this, automation reduces unnecessary and time-consuming decision making efforts too.

3.3 Better Revenue Opportunities

Better Revenue Opportunities

Question: What is as important as a “new customer” for a Business?

Answer: a “loyal customer”!

And hence developing a loyal customer base is important. Automating the process of personalized follow-ups and reminders you are sure to stay in touch with all your customers making them feel happy that you & your business remember them and consider them as a priority above all. The bond will get stronger and stronger with time and the loyal customer might even recommend your business to others for your dedicated customer support. That’s free publicity via word of mouth! If your old customers like your business they are sure to promote it in a way that your business sees more loyal customers in coming time. Hold on! It dosen’t just stop there. More attractive automated campaigns can lure new customers too creating many revenue generating opportunities. So a person must hate a steady flow of revenue if he dosen’t wish to automate his/her marketing strategy today!

3.4 Reduces Costs!

Reduce Costs!

It doesn’t have to do anything with the firing of existing employees mind you!

What done by multiple Digital Marketers can be handled by nearly half the number of people through automation. These handful of people are enough to carry the burden of the company via automated lead generation and promotional campaigns. So you won’t have the necessity to hire excessive help in the first place itself. Saving your company and the candidates time as well. A day can be made more productive by automating the process. This allows work that is done in weeks or months perhaps to be planned and executed in a day.

Barring this, there is always the requirement of good digital marketers in a team. This is so as to carry out an automated plan and execute under good leadership.

4. So, What All Can Be Automated?

The beauty of Digital Marketing automation is that almost everything can be automated! Yes, you heard right! From using chatbots to answer queries on your website to set up a social media campaign for the entire upcoming week, all these works are done without wasting any extra energy and time.

Following are the other honorable mentions:

  1. Email campaigns
  2. Ad placement online
  3. Data management
  4. Bulk SMS
  5. Answering customer support calls and
  6. Analysis of data

5. Conclusion:

Like it or not, digital marketing automation is going to happen! And if it continues to grow at the rate at which it is growing now, who knows? maybe we can see the change within the upcoming years itself. Only an updated Digital Marketing solutions provider agency which has the willingness to become your 360° web and digital marketing partner can be considered worthy of giving online marketing automation a try. Enlyft Digital Solutions is a leading Digital Marketing agency in Pune who offer a plethora of Online Marketing services right from Website Design & Development to SEO, SMM, PPC and much more. 

So, have any one of our readers tried using Digital Marketing automation for their business yet? So how are the results? How many of you think it is the right thing to do? Please do comment below and share if you found this blog informative.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing Automation
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The Importance Of Digital Marketing Automation
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