Instagram Follows Twitter’s Footsteps To Kill The Like Count

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If you are a Social Media enthusiast you might have come across a ton of articles highlighting Instagram and it’s controlled test of killing the like count in Canada. As explained by Instagram, the main aim of these test was to allow the users to focus on more quality images and videos they share and not on how much likes they have got/ they will get. This is supposed to take make social media platforms a much better place to visit and engage for its users. 

Ahead of its F-8 developer conference, Facebook had already released the following information in its blog post stating that later this week they will be running a test in Canada that removes the number of likes which are there on the photos and videos.

Social media as we all know has been one of the major sources of online bullying and also addiction amongst a lot of teenagers. Most of the viral images and videos are basically violent or contain abusive information which is viewed by a lot of underage as well as teenage audiences despite strict policies of Facebook and Instagram.

Teenagers and children are hooked to content on social media which has more engagement(Likes, comments and shares). Twitter also did the same experiment by releasing a prototype app which made a number of likes and retweets less. This was a trial method which was especially targeted to enhance more focus on content rather than the engagements.


If a user wants to see the number of likes and retweets on a reply to a conversation, the person will have to click into the individual tweets.

For example, the image posted below doesn’t have the total like count. Instead, there is a link to view the likes.

test image 2

So if a person really wants to know who has liked the image or video(Instead of how many likes are there) all he/she needs to do is click on “View Likes”. After clicking on it one can see the individuals who have liked it. Only the user can do this and for others the can see when other users like or follow any other post but they will not be able to find the total number of likes.

Jane Manchun Wong had tweeted these images of Instagram’s Canada test:

Instagram test image

Notice the Instagram images above and take a closer look at the activity buttons(Like, comment, Share) which states liked by an X person and others.


With all being explained all of this is in the initial testing phase of Instagram and it will take many such tests and analysis to make it official. Could this be a game-changing step for Instagram and social media? Of course yes!  This update will definitely make the whole thing organic again grubbing fake engagements and much more. An individual can now focus on sharing what he/she feels or wants their connections to know rather than worrying about the number of likes he/she has got for their Instagram post. Instagram definitely has taken social media bullying seriously and we hope other social media platforms do the same.

Our Thoughts:

It definitely seems like a good move, hope it gets official soon. Please do comment below and follow our blogs for the latest updates in the world of Digital Marketing.



Instagram Follows Twitter’s Footsteps To Kill The Like Count
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Instagram Follows Twitter’s Footsteps To Kill The Like Count
Instagram recently decided to remove the like count on images and videos as a part of its test in Canada. Lets analyze this step today.
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