Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing An SEO Agency

Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing An SEO Agency

Ok, so this blog is going to be quiet an informal one. I came across many questions on Quora and other question-answer platforms where business owners and people are asking the same question, which is, how to choose an SEO Agency?

Picking up an SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Agency from a list of growing Digital Marketing service providers can be as difficult as choosing an ice cream from different flavors available. All Digital Marketing and SEO service providers are like an ice cream vendor who provides a lot of different flavors of ice cream and our SEO agencies do the same, but you cannot choose an online marketing service provider by tasting their services first and then determining whom to give a contract to, Absolutely not!

Following are a few important questions to ask before choosing an SEO Agency:


1. How Experienced are they?

Experience matters! Yes, it does as it is with great experience a great number of skills are developed. SEO is a trend that has developed just over the last few decades. So, gradually the experienced service providers are very few in the market. But marketers have always had traditional marketing knowledge. Now Before we lock horns again on the Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing topic, It is evident that traditional marketing is a dinosaur in the field of marketing and has been there around for ages, New age marketing personnel can blend in the old methods of marketing with SEO techniques to their advantage and provide Search Engine Optimization much better than the rest. Hence experience does allow them to perform better Search Engine Optimization but a new agency could have the potential to perform the work with more zeal and enthusiasm too. So, which one to choose is in your hands.


2. Are They Only An SEO Agency Or Are They A Complete Digital Marketing Agency

This is an important question one should ask the service providers. An independent SEO agency seems relevant as it provides just SEO services to its clients and hence might be quiet professional in it. On the other hand, if you give it to a Digital Marketing Agency they might not be quite proficient in SEO works and might have added the service just to fulfill their promise or motto of being the complete digital marketing partners. In such cases going for an independent SEO agency would be quietly profitable with guaranteed quality work.

However there are many agencies which are the best at all the services they offer, and SEO is a kind of service which can be availed only if you are having a website with good SEO content and a lot of other things. Hence hiring individual agencies for each work would be quite expensive. In such a case hiring a complete online marketing service provider can be affordable plus all your queries can be solved under one roof without giving a call or traveling to offices of different agency offices.


3. How Reputed Are They?

Let’s take a day to day example. We all use soap daily right? There are thousands of soaps in the market right now. So which one do we choose? We always prefer the one which has delivered us results in the past. So being choosy and determining services offered by a company on behalf of their reputation should also be considered.

But there is a catch for this, the online reputation of a service provider is determined by the testimonials, comments and perhaps Google reviews. Testimonials displayed on a website are always handpicked as no one would like to display negative customer testimonial on their webpage, to be honest. The Google reviews and comments can also be forged as local competitors can comment to tarnish the image of their competition in order to make them lose their customer base. So in order to make sure that they are genuine it is better to directly contact the SEO service providers and ask them questions face to face, this should solve a lot of your queries.


4. How Transparent Are They?

In today’s date, there are a very few SEO agencies who actually are transparent to the core. By transparent we mean letting the clients actually know what actually they are doing and how it is going to help their situation. Taking into consideration that the methodologies that are used by certain SEO companies are actually made up by great minds working together with a lot of man-hours. So, letting your clients know what and how you are doing would be like leaking information. This is not the type of transparency we want to be shown, but transparency in the sense that how exactly it is going to help the customer and whether the methods used are legal or not. Approaching individual SEO experts at times who offer full transparency might be risky as they don’t have any contractual obligation. The SEO or any digital marketing agencies, on the other hand, might just be helpful in this case.


5. How Is Their Pricing?

Pricing is a big factor when it comes to SEO. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services also contain services like Keyword Research, Content Optimization, Link Building, Mobile SEO and Local SEO. All these may sound simple but their pricing ranges from $5-$500. Sometimes agencies also charge on an hourly, daily or perhaps even on monthly basis. The truth is that in order to gain positive results one has to invest a good amount of money too.  SO, interview your SEO partner and makes sure no stone is left unturned especially in the pricing side. Understand the services they are providing and the cost they are asking for their efforts.


6. Ask Them If They Are Busy With Other Projects

Most common mistake people make is that they approach the organization who have done a great repo of having a huge number of clients. It is true that they have served a lot of clients, but mostly in such cases, it might happen that they sign up too many projects than they can handle. So, what happens is that they are unable to devote themselves completely to one single project at a time. It directly affects their creativity and because of this minor mistake, your competitor leaves you behind due to their best SEO practices.


7. How Often Will We Meet

Freelancers or agencies will try to catch up on call most often. But sometimes it takes more than just a phone call to solve a problem. This might be a problem for some business owners as there is no such thing as free time for them. At times the meeting can even get canceled at the last moments leading to friction between the company owner and the SEO agency. So, before diving into the digital world just make it clear how much time you can have in future for the SEO experts.



SEO is a lengthy process, giving it to anyone randomly is going to cost you both time and money. But the returns are even greater than the amount that has been spent that is for sure. So now if you have given the project to someone then try to provide them the information which is critically needed by their(Agency’s) SEO. The beauty about a Digital form of Marketing and especially Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is that you can ask questions, a lot of them to clear the doubt as the world is still new to this concept. So give it to an agency after asking such question and determining your goal for sure-shot success. All the best! Hope this blog helps you to get the SEO agency your company deserves. For the best SEO services choose Enlyft Digital Solutions as your 360° Web and Digital Marketing partners today and see your business grow like never before.

Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing An SEO Agency
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Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing An SEO Agency
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