How to Get Twitch Prime in India? What is the Release Date of Twitch Prime in India?


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Twitch is the popular video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Founded by Justin Kan in June 2011, it was a subsection of

It originally focused on video games but after its recent shift and expansion, Twitch now includes streams dedicated to artwork creation, talk shows, music, and the occasional TV series.

It is an online site that allows its visitors to broadcast or watch live streaming or pre-recorded video of broadcaster’s video game gameplay.

Twitch Prime is currently not available for India and many users and marketers are missing some good promotions along with added features.

However, one can get access to Twitch Prime by getting a VPN connection. There are several free vpn online but it is important to get it from a trusted one.

You need to create an account on During the account creation, if you tap on the account settings you need to fill in your name, address, and zip code.

You can Press the ”start 30-day amazon prime trial” button and sign up with real credit card details. You now have access to Amazon prime.

You then need to Go to and click on the bar on the top with a button saying ”Get the 30-day free Twitch prime trial. You need to click it and have to change your Kindle settings somewhere else other than the US/UK with respect to the country you are using an as fake connection.

You need to go back to and press the trial button again and then to your account settings. You need to press the tab that says ”Connections” and connect your desired game account to it.

Twitch Prime India Release Date 

Twitch Prime is presently available in all the countries through Amazon Prime except India, which currently has one of the fastest-growing esports scene and number of twitch streamers increasing every day. Owing to some policies of the Indian government and not enough effort from Amazon there is no way to use Amazon Prime membership to the fullest legally in India. Also twitch prime India release date is yet not finalised because of lots of complexities in terms of rules and regulations.

How to Get Twitch Prime in India? What is the Release Date of Twitch Prime in India?
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How to Get Twitch Prime in India? What is the Release Date of Twitch Prime in India?
Twitch is the most popular live video streaming platform. Owing to its popularity Indians are waiting for its launch in India
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