Debunking The Common Myths About Digital Marketing!

debunking myths about digital marketing

The global Digital Marketing spends of the entire world is going to be around 3.6 Billion USD until 2020. Online Marketing is the newest and the most proficient way of marketing in today’s date. It has outgrown other marketing means by leaps and bounds. Still, there are business owners who are skeptical about Digital Marketing. This is because of the myths they have heard over the years which have not been busted as of today. Today as the leading Digital Marketing Agency and as your 360° web and Digital Marketing partner we would like to debunk most popular amongst the myths revolving around Digital Marketing.


Myth Number 1: SEO Is Dead!

SEO is dead

The most common and heartbreaking myth for any Digital Marketer to hear is that SEO is dead. That’s very sad to hear especially if you are a Digital Marketer :(. Well, I have bad news for such myth creators and believers alike. SEO is alive and kicking folks! SEO is and always will be an integral part of the modern way of marketing.

Search engine drives a majority of web traffic (93% to be exact). And no business in their right frame of mind would abandon the SEO strategy if they want to rank higher and gain maximum visibility for their business products and services. Majority of the online population still opts for the website which is higher in rank and appears on the first page of search result. So as long as there is Digital Marketing, expect SEO to be there!


Myth Number 2: For Millennials Only!

This is perhaps what both the Gen-X and the old school generation think alike (On the bright side it is very good that they have a common point to agree on). The millennials or the generation born after the year 2000(Mehhh…) into a more technically advanced century think that Digital Marketing is only useful for them as they are the ones who use smart devices like smartphones and tablets which are the major sources of online advertisements and online stores revenue. But almost 2 in every 5 senior citizens own a smart device or are most likely to purchase one in the next 12 months(Way to go buddies ). There are many adults who use services related to finance, medication and much more by searching them on the web or perhaps by clicking on an online advertisement. So it’s for both of them and not for one in particular.


Myth Number 3: For Small Businesses Only!

for millenials only

Wait a minute! So, you mean to say Digital Marketing is Biased? No way! Digital marketing is meant for all. In fact, Online Marketing is the only field which has given both the small and the big guns the platform to compete at the same level. The big guns mostly invest to keep their respective places amongst their competitors. On the other hand, the small businesses (Generally startups) use digital marketing for creating awareness about the products or services they are going to provide. So be it the big billion businesses or be it the talented startups. Digital Marketing practices are useful and are meant for both. So following are the myths


Myth Number 4: Digital Marketing Gives Immediate Results!


“Patience Is A Key Element Of Success~Bill Gates”

Digital marketing is a slow yet productive process. Every good thing takes time, as they say, online marketing strategies are implemented on a large scale nowadays. The everchanging Google Algorithm, the keywords used, uniqueness of the content, etc are some of the factors that affect the results. A Digital Marketing strategy is made up by laying one brick at a time and it takes time to build a formidable strategy in order to edge past your competitors and to even stay as a top ranking website. Hold your horses’ clients! It takes time for good things and SEO is no different. So, trust the process, give you Marketing Partners some time and they would definitely help you achieve good things in the future.


Myth Number 5: Any Content Is Good Content!


Having just any sort of Content is just not enough. It is just like having a motorcycle without any fuel in it. Just pouring in Content just for the sake of filling in the gaps of a website is just not enough. It takes relevant and knowledgeable Content to work magic for a business. There are a lot of other parameters too which make Content Marketing special.

The content so produced by a Content writer or marketer should help Generate interest within your target audience. Along with this the consistency of the content and the frequency at which the content is posted is also an important factor on all the platforms being used in today’s date for digital marketing. So, not just not content but the most relevant and knowledgeable content is very important if you want the process to be fruitful.

Myth Number 6: Social Media Marketing Means Covering All Channels!


Social Media Marketing is perhaps the best medium used mostly to promote or even to sell. It is true that it adds to the brand value of the product or service if it is featured on all the Social Media channels. But, there are some products and services which can be promoted only through one of the few Social Media platforms. Now suppose you have a clothing lineup. This can be better promoted through Instagram and Facebook. Here there is no use of LinkedIn and Twitter as such. Similarly, if some B2B type of engagement is required, in such case LinkedIn is a very good platform, to begin with. So social media is necessary but choosing the perfect one out of the bunch is more important!


Myth Number 7: Digital Marketing Gives You Direct Customers!

Digital Marketing Gives You Direct Customers

This is perhaps the only myth that requires better and clear explanation than the others! And the answer is a BIG ‘NO’. Digital Marketing attracts a lot of people who show interest in their products for sale online. This traffic is coined as a lead. A lead is not a customer it is merely someone who had visited your website in search of something you might have of his/her interest. So, a lead is a potential customer and not a customer in itself. With all this being said it is a proven fact that Digital Marketing has a better chance to attract people than Traditional Marketing itself. So, the higher the number of leads (Which is only possible with a good Digital Marketing strategy) The more the chances are to grab a customer. So, Digital Marketing brings potential customers to you and its up to you and your marketing team to convert these potential leads to your loyal customers.

That it folks! These were the 7 most common myths that needed some busting in order to clear the name of Digital Marketing. Hence it is important to have a Digital Marketing solution provider who is as transparent as Enlyft Digital Solutions(The Leading Digital Marketing agency in Pune). Such agencies will give you a clear idea of how things actually work and when can one expect a result and much more. Please comment if you have heard of any other myth other than the ones mentioned above.

Debunking The Common Myths About Digital Marketing!
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Debunking The Common Myths About Digital Marketing!
There are hundreds of myths surounding the modern day miracle of Digital Marketing. Lets break them one by one today with detailed analysis.
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